Significant Vehicle

Presenting the Hall of Fame Inductees:

Category 4 – Significant Vehicle

alt1970 AMC Gremlin

Class of 2012

alt1968 AMC Javelin

Class of 2013


1970 AMC Hornet

Class of 2014

alt1968 AMC AMX

Class of 2015

    1970 AMC Gremlin,  America’s first modern subcompact, the Gremlin was brought to market before the competing Ford Pinto or Chevrolet Vega. Basically a shortened AMC Hornet, the Gremlin was known for its unique rear end styling and became a strong seller for AMC. Later versions would feature optional V8 engines and Levi’s denim interiors.

1968 AMC Javelin,  American Motors’ response to the popular new “pony cars”, the Javelin was a good seller in its first season despite being available in only one body style, unlike its main competition, the Mustang and Camaro. With its clean styling and many performance and appearance options, the first edition Javelin has become a prized collectible in recent years.

1970 AMC Hornet,  The replacement for AMC’s popular but aging Rambler American, the Hornet was a completely new car including the body, interior and updated front suspension. Available in 2-door and 4-door configurations in its first year, the Hornet line would prove to be a volume seller throughout the 1970s. Its platform would be the basis for many variants including the Gremlin, Sportabout, and Eagle. AMC Hornets were produced through 1977.

1968 AMC AMX,   Never intended for high volume, the two seat AMX sports car was designed as an image changer which would lure younger buyers to the American Motors brand. In that role it was a success. Often compared to the Corvette, every AMX left the factory with a high compression, 4-barrel V8, dual exhaust, reclining bucket seats, and a floor-shifted transmission. The AMX would become the first AMC vehicle to gain mainstream collector car interest.

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