American Motors Innovation

Presenting the Hall of Fame Inductees:

Category 3 – American Motors Innovation

alt4 Wheel Drive Eagle

Class of 2012

altAMC Door Handle

Class of 2013

altGremlin V8 Option

Class of 2014

altRear Axle Torque Links

Class of 2015

4 Wheel Drive Eagle,  Under the direction of Jeep engineer Roy Lunn, the groundbreaking 1980-88 Eagle line combined AMC’s proven Concord and Spirit bodies with a durable Jeep type running gear in order to create the first civilized 4-wheel-drive passenger cars.

AMC Door Handle,  Introduced on most models for the 1968 model year, AMC led the industry with sleek, completely flush-mounted exterior door handles. Although the Big 3 automakers would also abandon push button handles by the early 1970s, AMC door handles were superior in their fluid movement since they are pulled in the direction the door opens.

Gremlin V8 Option,  While Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega owners had to make due with small 4-cylinder engines, AMC began offering 304 cid V8 engines in the subcompact Gremlin beginning in 1972. Standard with the V8 were AMX-style rear axle torque links and AMC’s Buyer Protection Plan. 304-powered Gremlins were available through the 1976 model year.

Rear Axle Torque Links,  Developed to combat spring wind up and resulting wheel hop during hard acceleration, torque links provided a solid link from the rear axle to the frame rails on short wheelbase AMC models. They were installed as standard equipment on every two-seat AMX, the Hurst SC/Rambler, and V8-powered Gremlins.

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