American Motors Hall of Fame

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 Dedicated to the recognition of individuals, innovations and vehicles of American Motors Corporation and its subsidiaries from the years 1954 to 1987

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Hall of Fame winners are determined annually with votes cast by registered members of in these four categories:

Category 1:  Person of American Motors, an executive or employee of American Motors or subsidiary company instrumental to the success of the company.

Category 2:  Person or Entity, non-AMC, not directly employed by AMC but known for their contribution to the American Motors legacy or aftermarket.

Category 3:  American Motors Innovation, significant engineering, feature, option or policy pioneered or popularized by American Motors.

Category 4:  Significant Vehicle, an American Motors or related vehicle noteworthy for its concept, design, engineering, utility or volume of sales.

Presenting the Hall of Fame Inductees:


altPerson of American Motors

altPerson or Entity, non-AMC


American Motors Innovation

altSignificant Vehicle

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